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5 Tips to Excel at the Interview

Engineering College


Any Interview is as stressful as the first Interview. As it has been said from time we have understood the meaning of interview, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, so a person going for Interview has to put the best foot forward and present himself / herself gracefully in front of Interview Panelists.



Below are 5 Points that must be kept in mind before and during the interview:

  1. Research the company beforehand

Before attending an interview, do some research about the company and the job profile for which you are being interviewed. It helps to answer well when being asked questions like: ‘Why you would like to Join our Company?’, ‘Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now?’, ‘Who are our competitors?’

  1. Arrive early at the Venue and be neatly groomed and formally dressed.

Arriving 15 mins before the scheduled time gives you the time to settle down and feel the environment. Being in formal apparels and polished shoes with being well-groomed gives you the extra confidence. Boys need to have shave done or trimmed beard, Girls can wear Western formals or Kurta-pyjama as they feel comfortable.

  1. Be calm and composed as you walk inside and take the seat.

It is important to maintain right body posture and have a smile on your face while walking in and greeting the interviewers. Sit straight with slightly leaning forward and do not play with folders, pen or hair. Chewing gum is the last thing you would want to do at this moment.

  1. Be in control of what you are answering and leading the discussion to.

Listen to the questions carefully, request to repeat incase it is not clear and answer all questions to the point, do not exaggerate and move beyond what is being required to answer.

If you are asked a question and you do not know or are not confident about the answer, then say, ‘I am sorry, sir, but I do not know the answer to this question.’ Or can take calculated risks by saying ‘As per my understanding this should be …’

The interviewers are fine if you don’t know the answer, but would not like to listen to any wrong or cooked answers.

  1. Conclude on a positive note

Thank the interviewers for their time.

Ask them any further information or clarification that you need to know about the company, like work culture, on-boarding process, time when the result will be declared, etc.



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