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#Climate Change – Has World become a safer place to live in? #Mycollegeadda


As the leaders of 175 countries are set to meet in Paris, France to arrive at agreement of limiting the damage being caused to nature due to the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution, all attribute the increasing commercialization and fast paced development, Mycollegeadda team hopes that some concrete clauses are agreed around the round table that can take world to making it a safer place to live in.

Global Warming







Over the past 100 years, due to large scale emission of green-house gases and increase of CO2 trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, there has been a massive decrease of the ice cover over the Arctic region. 14 of total 15 warmest years have been in 21st century, with 2015 set to be the warmest of all. We are not sure that in this race towards achieving power supremacy and technology race, if we are making the environment around un-healthier then what kind of progress or development are we talking about?

At the Climate Change conference in Paris, UN has set to agree at a target of 2C among it’s members. It means that countries need to work together to lower the emission and promote renewable resources use in the activities carried out for industrialization and making people life better. Based on current pledges nations have agreed to would mean increase of 2.7C in temperature by 2100.

Climate Change










Leaders of 175 countries including Barack Obama, David Cameron, Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin would be attending this Climate change conference. China is the world’s largest emitter of green- house gases followed by US and EU.


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