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Does it take #India to be #Intolerant to become #OneIndia? #Mycollegeadda



Why does it take an accident to happen or someone to provoke us, for us to come together as United India?





3#Aamir Khan’s comment, #Asaduddin Owaisi provocation, #BJP #Shiv sena workers rallies on beef eating among minority communities, #Anupam Kher lauding #Narendra Modi’s work, #Sharukh Khan expressing anguish – are the recent incidents that have brought us Indians together to reply these famous personalities that we cannot be divided on religion basis and India is all about Unity in Diversity and one of this Diversity is the Freedom of religion and expression of our belief.


#Nirbhaya case #Priyadarshini Mattoo Rape #Scarlett Keeling Rape and Murder #Delhi Rape case have shaken the people from all classes of India and led to citizens raising one voice against the culprits.


#Anna Hazaare Movement #One Rank One Pension (OROP) #India Against Corruption Movement (IAC) provided one platform for Indians to mark their voice against the corruption taking place in all practices and business inside the country, majorly in political arena.

However HOW THESE POLITICIANS ARE ABLE TO DIVIDE US ON BASIS OF CASTE, CREED and RELIGION during elections for VOTE BANK POLITICS still suggests we INDIANS have still to travel a long race…

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