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Exam Preparation Tips: Things to do right before the exams #CBSE #ICSE #StateExams #CompetitorExams #Mycollegeadda

Board Exam

With the board exams going on every parent gets into ultra-supportive mode for their kids and try to provide conducive atmosphere for them to study/eat/rest/sleep. It is the decisive time for which school kids have been waiting for long, when one writes the board exam. Apart from the fear of taking the exams in unknown examination centre, students are also worried about the Question paper structure and pattern as marks in board exams are used to get admissions into Graduate programs or good school for 11th grade.


Students are to keep below 5 Things in mind while planning their schedule:

  1. Plan time properly to prepare for the Exam. First thing to do is go through the complete syllabus of the subject and allocate the time you have for preparation to each chapter as you are comfortable that will help to complete all chapters. Some chapters might need less time to cover compared to others or some might need revision couple of times, so making sure you start with your preference. Do plan for rest also in between as brain tends to relax – making you ready to absorb further study. Studying in the morning hours is the best.


  1. Take a sound sleep. Often over-looked or neglected by the students as they tend to get tense and nervous, taking the sleep at regular hours and time helps to keep the mind fresh and one is able to remember and recollect things that are studied more. Taking a full sleep of 7 to 8 hours helps to control the body clock and maintain alert state during study hours.


  1. Eat Healthy. As you would have heard ‘In a healthy body resides a healthy mind’. Consume healthy foods including green vegetables and milk. Avoid fast food.


  1. Talk to your Teachers and Friends in case you have some doubts or queries regarding the preparation or specific chapter. Do not hesitate to reach out to parents and explain any difficulty or issues you are facing with respect to study or lack in confidence or concertation. Speaking out concerns help in sorting them out quickly.


  1. Make notes or mark important topics so that you can come back to them and go over quickly during revision or in case of any clarifications needed. Try to draw out the relationships and diagrams for visual walkthrough and help understanding the concept.



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