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One stop site for college students – Buy, Sell, Connect, Share, Discount Coupons   @Mycollegeadda – Online marketplace of every college



Many students move far from their home for the first time to pursue higher studies. They walk into colleges with some beliefs and lot of dreams. They get to move into a new world and experience it first time. Full of energy, full of enthusiasm and as fresh as dewdrops. Much more freedom to decide on which classes to attend, which to bunk, what to wear and where to go out for lunch and party.

But with this freedom comes a sense of responsibility. Responsibility to make a mark on their field of excellence, responsibility to make their and their Parent’s dream come true, responsibility to prepare themselves for tomorrow and do great work for society. And all this journey starts from taking admission to one of the finest college, after that comes time to learn from books, complete assignments, practicals and tests. And amid all these things there is pressure to read through the best study books, comfortable PGs or stay with college friends, commuting to college and home safely and timely. Along with some time to spend with friends and for developing our hobbies.

So we as a student need books, novels, notes, like-minded friends to share room, carpool on occasions of travelling back to hometown and some furniture and electronics to use during our college life. And purchasing right item at right price is a lot of pain. Most often we end up shelling out our entire pocket money on the necessities. What if we were able to get the same items, little bit used, from our seniors or peers at college at a less than half the price of new item?


With this idea, an online marketplace of every college, is trying to provide solution to these basic needs of every college student, so that they can focus on other things that truly need their attention. is an online platform for college students to buy, sell, share and stay connected to their peers. On this website students can post free ad or buy:

  • Used Books, Notes and electronics
  • House/flat available on rent nearby to college or partners required to share house/flat
  • Carpool available for to and fro trips to college

This not only helps students in saving & earning money and connect with friends, it also helps to keep our environment green as less resources are used to make new items.

Students having used books or stationary or electronics to sell post an ad on the website and students needing them call the sellers directly and meet them within college campus to complete the transaction.

Mycollegeadda Is an Online Marketplace for College Folks to Buy and Sell Used Books, Notes or Electronics Within Their College Campus. Students Can Also Find Ride Sharing Partners for Carpool or Find Room Mates for Sharing the Flat.

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