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Rules that decide ‘How much Cleavage is Good Cleavage?’ #Mycollegeadda

With so much been written and talked about how girls or women should dress up in public, there have still been untoward incidents towards women even after covering up from head to toe.

Politicians have spoken their own versions of causes like girls talking on mobile phones, wearing jeans or coming late night from parties and offices. And female celebrities have blamed it on the mentality and the society menace for the ills against the women.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised this issue in one of his Republic Day’s address and gave a call to improve the up-bringing of boys so that they start respecting the other gender.

So is it the Boys only who should exercise self-control and Girls can flaunt their bodies. Actors Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu voice out their opinion in this video:


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