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Sonam Kapoor plays Youngest Ashok Chakra winner: Neerja Bhanot

Neerja, a Bollywood film, in which Sonam Kapoor plays biography of an air hostess who saved lives of 360 people in a flight having 380 people which was hijacked in Karachi, Pakistan, has been winning accolades from the critics and film viewers. Here is a look at real Neerja Bhanot in – Your Mauka to make Friends !!

college friends

My College Adda… Bunking Classes and getting around with friends for a sip of tea is a chill out funda for college students. Talks on classes, subjects take back seat and love affair, teacher mimicry, calling friends by nickname like ghanta, maamu, chiku, phodu form the matter of discussion. Cheap, shady,