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My College Adda…

Bunking Classes and getting around with friends for a sip of tea is a chill out funda for college students. Talks on classes, subjects take back seat and love affair, teacher mimicry, calling friends by nickname like ghanta, maamu, chiku, phodu form the matter of discussion. Cheap, shady, smoky dhaabas, chaiwala outside the college are the favourite hangout places of students.


No matter how many sophisticated, fast service food and coffee chains, Pizza Hut, Dominos, CCD, Barista open, college adda holds a special place in everyday life of a college student. Gossiping over the cutting chai and gulping favourite Masala Maggie or Stuffed Parantha topped over with Amul Butter is what many describe as my College Adda.

In Delhi, all colleges have their own hotspots, like Delhi University’s North campus are Uncle Tom’s Maggi Point, D School’s canteen and Friend’s Corner. One can always find these places filled with young and cool guys with sweet and hot gals chirping around about what happened at home, plans for the day and who will ditch whom.

Many new friends are made at college adda, and many new stories start from here. Some of them end at one night stand, some of them continue for life long. Guys hang over big bikes only catch a glimpse of fair sex and gals answer with their eyes.

Reminiscing his days at the legendary Sassi near IIT-D, Ravi Kumar, says, ‘Sassi’s food was what got us through college. His adrak wali chai and parantha with half-omelette… heavenly! And the best part was everything there used to be so cheap! And who can forget Momos at Ber sarai !!

Ganga Dhaba at JNU is open till early morning hours only to serve the nocturnal species of college students.

These places gives you lot of lovely memories of life. One student went on to say that Modi’s Chai pe Charcha is one and same thing as our College Adda… is coming to give many such experiences to college students by acting as a platform to share their things with friends.

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met. – Your Mauka to make Friends !!

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